Hi..my babies stories

Just a month ago, I put up an ABC & 123 poster on the wall. I can say that my home now is little bit like a play school already..haha…but this is all for the sake of my two beloved daughters. And….I cannot believe my eyes when my 2 years old toddlers put up her sword and point at the “A” and said loudly “AAAA”. In no time, my 6 1/2 months daughters came to the wall (with her walker) and look up with a kind of interest in her face. I found that they thought what I put up on the wall is a game. There are time when I saw “Twinkle” my six month old daughter looking up the wall alone…..hahaha she is studying silently. Thank to God for giving me a lovely daughters.

As I wrote before, Alle is now learning to talk…she is uttering all kind of nonsense noises…twinkle is pretending she can talk…also with lots of voices coming out from her…..these really are my heaven….I love both of you Alle,Twinkle!!!! Be a good girl!

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Wow…mummy has just celebrated 36th.birthday yesterday,and spent almost RM100 for the office,celebrating for just living…haha..Thank be to God for allowing mummy to be in this world some more……Mummy wish to see many of mummy grandchildren success…..haha.

The most fulfilling contribution is spending RM6500.00 for grandma eyes. Suddenly, grandma eyes turned blind due to cataract problem. Mummy hope grandma will be enjoying life with the new set of eyes….mummy is very happy for her!!.

Daddy? Daddy is now planning for his new project….planting pineapples at our big farm. Mummy will be helping daddy in everywhere….especially on the planting of fruit trees such as durians, rambutan, mangoteens, liaci, mango,etc. Right now, we already have a few durian, rambutan, liaci, manggo, asam and others in our farm. Mummy is hoping when you both grow up Allesandra & twinkle will comeĀ  for fruits; at the same time visiting for mummy and daddy.

What is mummy wish for both of you to become? Mummy is hoping if Alle & Twinkle can be a doctors when you grow up. A doctor is a noble and professional profession……mummy ever wish to be one before but….ohhhh just couldn’t make it up.

What is about year end? The planning is to be in both Labuan and Tamparuli. Mummy will be bringing both of you in Labuan for Christmas adn will be in Tamparuli for New Year. We will be visiting papa in Labuan and at the same time helping out at our restaurant. We will be with ‘Aki’ in Lokos for New Year…yeah yeah yeah!!!!

Ok this is all for now….will be writing again!

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Twinkle and Alle

My two darling is progressing very fast now. Twinkle is now learning to crawl on her stomach where Alle is learning to talk. I cannot wait for them to grow and start talking with me. We then start to talk about things surround us…wow I really look forwards to that moments.

Thank you Lord for making my day. I am really hoping that you’ll continue to guide us and supporting us. Bless everyone at home with good health and peace of mind. Bless my mum, my husband, my children and everyone with a good heart, sound mind and best of health,Give me the capabilities,ability,understanding,patience to go through everything. Please give me good heath and live longer to see my children grow and success in this world. Forgive me for my mistakes and sins.

Lord Jesus, also bless the one person in my organization, my GM. Give him the ability and good heart to run this organization. May he will be following your will and way on everything. Remind him that you’re exist! Remind him that nobody comes to the father but through the Lord Jesus. Lord, remind him that you’re great. Amen!.

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Miss my babies much…….

Today is monday, yesterday was weekend. I spent my time nursing my baby and we’ve done lots of time together. Wow…how I miss being with them today…..

Tomorrow is a holiday, I am looking forward of doing some activities with them….uppps thinking of doing something best….

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Hi…without realizing Allesandra “Alle” is already 2 years old and 2 month, Allevera “Twinkle” is now already 4 months old. Wow….what a happy mummy I am. They now having each other…..Allesandra is so in love with her sister twinkle until she will scold anybody who wanted to hold her.

Allesandra is now baby talking, know how to choose her dress. Twinkle is already smiling,laughing and giggling…..

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Its been a long time of not writing in this blog. The voting day is over with BN back in power.

I am now looking forward for my delivery day in end of April or early May 2008. We will be having another baby girl to be name as Alexa. I can’t wait to see my new baby Alexa….we hope to see you soon my dear baby.

Allesandra and Alexa; our precious baby, lovely and beautiful baby. Mummy and daddy will always love you both.

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